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Why Analytics Should Be Part Of Organizations People Strategy


Analytics should be driving all of organizations decisions; this includes people decisions. Gut feelings and “hunches” on your talent is not an effective business strategy. Most organizations recognize this – 70 percent of company executives cite people analytics as a top priority and all organizations should be following in their footsteps.

Without people analytics organizations can find themselves making mistakes such as wrong hires, poor training decisions, unfair compensation decisions, and that is just naming a few.

This infographic defines people analytics, discusses the benefits, and explains the types of data on their employees’ organizations should be focusing on.

people analytics


Training and talent decisions should always be backed up by data. The good news is that a lot of data is already at HR’s fingertips! Continuous feedback is a good starting point to define training and talent decisions. Self-assessments and 360 feedback should also be considered to help create a better picture of employee performance. If you are looking for a performance management solution that can store and analyze all your performance data, check out Pavestep. We would love to chat.

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