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Templates For Your Next Performance Review


Performance reviews are a critical part of performance management. A good performance review can help develop and motivate employees.

Below we provide performance review templates for manager, self review, and upward reviews. We suggest using our downloadable file and inputting the most meaningful content and questions for your organization.


Managers can spend, on average, 17 hours preparing each employee’s review! We made it easy with this template.

manager to direct report review
manager review

Download the manager review template

Tip: When managers are reviewing their direct reports, they need to be objective, constructive, and honest. Rather than using generalized sentences making it hard for direct reports to take anything tangible away from the review, managers should use specific examples of the employee’s behavior and focus on behaviors, and not traits. This is the best way to improve performance, as behaviors can be changed (while traits cannot).


While some employees may dread reflecting on their own performance, self reviews are an excellent way for employees to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. It also allows for a more productive performance conversation, as the employee will be more prepared for the conversation with their manager.

self review
self review

Download the self review template

Tip: Because self reviews are a great opportunity for employees to reflect on their performance, make sure the questions are meaningful. We recommend 5-6 simple and meaningful questions (vs 15 unnecessary ones).


Managers are used to delivering performance reviews to their direct reports, but many organizations underestimate the importance of upward reviews during performance evaluations. One study found that 57% of employees have left a job because of their manager!

Managers play a critical role in hiring, training, developing, motivating, and engaging employees. Managers need feedback too.

upward review
upward review

Download the upward review template

Tip: Educate your employees (including your managers) on how to give and receive feedback. Employees may feel uncomfortable giving feedback (in fact, many people fear feedback), so educating on what effective feedback looks like can make employees more comfortable with feedback.

Remember that having a great review can help develop, engage, and motivate employees. We hope these templates help! If you are looking for performance review software, check out Pavestep.

For more templates, download our guidebook with common performance management templates.

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