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Questions to Ask Your Remote Employees


Creating a good company culture and building team morale can be challenging on a remote team. To better support your remote employees, you need to ask the right questions. Here are some questions designed to facilitate more meaningful conversations and help you build a strong connection with your remote employees and teams.

Remote Work Lifestyle

• What’s your favorite part about working remote?

• What’s does your daily working routine look like?

• What’s most challenging for you in your daily work routine? What wins did you have this week?

• What is your work setup like? Is there anything you feel you’re missing?

• Do you feel the company supports remote workers? How could we improve?

• What do you do to recharge each day?

Alignment Questions

• Do I follow-up frequently with you? How can I improve the clarity or cadence of my communication?

• Are you clear on your role and what objectives you should be working on? What aspects aren’t clear?

• How can I better communicate your goals and objectives?

• How can I better communicate work expectations?

Communication Questions

• Would you say our meetings are remote-friendly?

• How easy is it for you to contribute during a meeting?

• How included do you feel in team decisions?

• Can you easily reach your colleagues when you need them?

• What could help us improve our daily communication?

Socializing & Engagement Questions

• How well do you feel you know the team?

• What helps you feel connected to others on the team?

• Are there processes or tools that we can implement that can help build better connections while remote?

• Do you feel you could go to anyone asking them for help?

• What do you want to learn more about regarding our team or company?

Do you have some favourite questions that you like to ask or want to be asked? Let us know! We will add them to the list!

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