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We Know Performance Management Sucks

Managing, engaging, and retaining your employees can be difficult. You are not alone.

1. Lack of consistency

2. Lost data and liability risks

3. High employee turnover

4. Low employee engagement scores

5. Exhausting administrative tasks

6. Biased data and decisions

continuous feedback
Continuous Feedback

Activate the culture of feedback. Our research-based design and analytics enable meaningful feedback that actually develops your people.​

employee performance reviews
Support manager review, self review, and 360 review in one place without the administrative hassle. Escape from hundreds of emails and documents. Your time is spent better elsewhere.
Team goal management

Manage and track your teams’ progress and contributions in one place. No more one-off emails or messages that are impossible to track.

people analytics graph
People Analytics
Store and analyze all feedback, objectives, and tasks in one place. Your employees can easily track their progress, strengths, and areas of development with our analytics and reports.

From Our Clients

From Our Clients

Streamline feedback and reviews in one place

Escape from Google Sheets and antiquated HRIS features. Use the slider in the middle
below to see an example of a workflow with and without Pavestep!
Before After Professional Services workflow without PavestepProfessional Services Workflow with Pavestep

Worried about
Employee Adoption?

We get it. You have spent endless hours implementing other performance management solutions that your employees never use.

We are different. We make sure you get the adoption and results you need.

Forget the extra bells and whistles. We are so intuitive that teams can learn our features and hit the ground running in just a few minutes.

We provide workshops to help your teams understand how to share effective feedback. Interactive workshops – not e-learning videos.

We work with you to set up smart processes that enable the right behaviors, which ultimately create and sustain the culture of feedback.

Connect To Your Favorite Tools

Pavestep seamlessly integrates with the tools your team uses to stay connected. Using Pavestep you can integrate with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Suite, (whatever else you need) to ensure smooth adoption and optimal performance.

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